Friday, July 31, 2009

Trifecta: Tinkerbell's Got an Attitude

Guardians Trifectas

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Trifectas are interesting -- and sometimes deadly -- three-card combos for Guardians . . . if you can pull them off.

And watch out that you're not on the receiving end of one of them!

Tinkerbell's Got an Attitude

(and the Tooth Fairy will knock out a few!)

Soul Mirror

Randy Creek Regulars

any Fairy

You think you need a little extra power to kick some serious butt? Randy Creek Regulars allow all of your fairies to accept channeling up to the full amount that your Guardian can pump out.

Your Blackwaite Jumper is a piddling 1, have Rak Nam pump him up to a 10! Afraid you'll lose your Crook End Snooter? Finn can make him a 20 against Mortals!

And, naturally, if you need a couple of extra Fairies to get your Shield going . . . well, here's comes that really useful Soul Mirror again to make all your creatures into Fairies. Your opponent will just love you to pieces.

Other useful cards:
  • Give your boys Real Attitude, drop a Channeling Flux before the real fun begins!

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