Monday, January 17, 2011

New Card: River Delta

River Delta: Terrain, Up 6
Any non-Ship Standard Bearer that starts a turn on this Terrain may move into (but not through) an adjacent Seven Seas terrain.

Is it too limited? I wanted the start of turn rule so it wasn't abused.
And then I realized that even though I meant this for defense against a Seven Seas deck, it could be used as offense because Ships are Standard Bearers, so the player is limited to one at a time. That meant that this had to be for Standard Bearers as well.

And, of course, it's a River Delta, which fits in with the expansion symbol and serves as a bridge between the two homebrew sets.

Edit: Changed the word "Shield" to "Terrain", as it was meant to be.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Other Useless Card

Okay, so I wasn't hallucinating and there was another "useless" card. Except that it isn't useless. Maybe. It depends on which version you're looking at.

In the Seven Seas expansion, there is a card called Ice Floe, but the text doesn't match the image, which is why I couldn't find it earlier today.

The text says:

Ice Floe: UCN: UCN: 18 Any Ship loose one Power Stone to enter this terrain. (Artwork: Pennington, Text: Philbarfly, Design: Cath)

But here is the image:
More confusing is that the title of the window, and in the URL itself, says Artic Sea, which is not listed on the page. A mix-up, perhaps?

So losing a Power Stone to enter terrain isn't bad. On the other hand, reducing Rivers and Lakes bonuses to zero is just silly. They get reduced to zero when a Shield is on any Terrain other than Rivers and Lakes.

I suppose it could be useful, and I'd have to check every card, if there were some other card that allowed R&L bonuses to be applied to combat, but didn't change the terrain (e.g., the Overlord card would change the terrain to R&L).

Yes, I feel better. Thank you to jackalwere for pointing this out on the earlier thread today.

Useless Homebrew Cards

Sometimes a card seems really good and then you take another look at it. And you have that "Wait a second..." moment. It doesn't do anything. Or another card does it better. Or it doesn't add anything new to the game. Sure it might be a clever pun, but that doesn't mean anything.

That happened to me when I was trying to come up with a new card for the untitled .sig card expansion set, which jackalwere used a delta symbol for the set icon. (No problem there, and I wouldn't ask him to change 100+ cards.)

And then I realized that what I wanted the card to do didn't really mean anything. And then I realized that this hasn't stopped anyone (including me) before.

Two cards come to mind:

First, the Leftovers card, pictured here:
It's a Spell that you play when something happens to get a Power Stone. Except that Make Juice already does that without any requirements.

Second -- okay -- there isn't a second. I just went looking for it, and I couldn't find it. I thought it was in philbarfly's Seven Seas expansion, but it isn't. Basically, I remember recently seeing a Terrain card that canceled Rivers and Lakes bonuses. Maybe it was a Spell card, which wouldn't be bad. Maybe I misread it. I hope so.

Anyway, my new "sig" card, even if isn't technically a "sig" will be around soon enough, as soon as I figure out what it should do. It's a new Terrain card, and it's meant to fit the theme of the expansion. And yes, there is a theme to the expansion. I think.