Saturday, July 25, 2009


Guardians Trifectas

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Trifectas are interesting -- and sometimes deadly -- three-card combos for Guardians . . . if you can pull them off.

And watch out that you're not on the receiving end of one of them!


Soul Mirror


Brom's Dragon Standard Bearer
Change border color for 1 stone

Soul Mirror is such a useful card, changing the creature class of all your primaries to that of the first primary attacker. The Paladin has two great special abilities. First, he gives a Vitality bonus to all your Knights; second, he gives immunity to fear to Mortals. On top of that, the Paladin *IS* a Knight. So play him first and all of your creatures become Knights and gain the Vitality bonus.

Fear not, Elementals and Externals, you shall gain protection! The standard bearer has the ability to change a creature's border color; that is, for one power stone, you can change any of your creatures into a Mortal and give them Immunity to Fear.

Brom's Dragon (19) also offers a tremendous advantage to any *real* Knights! Most knights have killer OCB's. For one stone, your Captain goes from 10 to 15 against Externals and Mortals (both of which temporarily become Elementals). Your Prince of the Lost will kill just about anything.

Other useful cards:
  • For added amusement, add St. Ballantine's Evocation to any "Knight" that loses.
  • Channel your Valkyrie Spirit to any Knight (even those that can't accept channeling).

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