Monday, July 11, 2011

Guardians Page Reborn!

C. J. Burke's Guardians Page has found a new, maybe temporary, maybe not, home at:

No ".html" needed. Just go to that directory as you did in the old days.

Right now, the pages were uploaded as they were. I haven't updated them for about seven years now. I'll get to that.

Please ignore all references to the domain -- and that includes the e-mail address!

Be sure to come back here with Suggestions and Comments.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Gone, But Not Forgotten ...

July 1 has come and gone, and with it, all my old pages.

However, I spent the last two days of June using an old ftp program and copied all (or almost all) of the files I had there, trying to keep the directory structures in tact. (For one thing, I had a million files named INDEX.HTML and DATA.

My next little side project will be to go through those pages, remove the references to the old domain, and upload them somewhere. Possibly, owned by yours truly, Mr. Burke, who teaches math.

Yes, I'm known by many names.

Why a math site? For one thing, I already own the site for my job. Second, I don't want to pay for another site to hold, essentially, ten megabytes of information. And, finally, it is conceivable that someone, some day, could come along and say, "Hey, you can't have! That's our intellectual property!"

And, no, I wouldn't argue with someone about that. I may have taken on that identity because it's a cool name, but I wouldn't challenge the creator for not protecting it.