Friday, July 24, 2009

Trifecta: A Giant Sucking Sound and a Puff of Smoke

Guardians Trifectas

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Trifectas are interesting -- and sometimes deadly -- three-card combos for Guardians . . . if you can pull them off.

And watch out that you're not on the receiving end of one of them!

A Giant Sucking Sound and a Puff of Smoke

40,000 Useless Warhammers

Annoying Gnats in the Hood

Dispel Magic

Play 40K Useless Warhammers to zero out everyone's Vitality. Then play the Gnats with their 1 pt AOE to blow away your opponent's entire hand, except for his first primary and maybe a command card.

What's the Dispel Magic for? HIS command card. If he plays an AOE on top of your Warhammers, you are thoroughly screwed without a Dispel Magic.

This combo will only go so far. You still need to kill off one or two creatures. The primary can be killed off with a ranged attack. The command card with require a creature with the correct off-color bonus or terrain bonus. Remember, if you're on the attack, you need to destroy your opponent's shield to claim the space. Otherwise, your zero Vitality loses to his zero Vitality and you will have to retreat.

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