Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to Tanniker Smith's Guardians Page

This is a new blog dedicated to the defunct CCG "Guardians", published by FPG, Inc. in the mid-90s.

"New" isn't exactly true. I currently, as of this posting, already have a Guardians page at

However, I haven't really used that Internet account for much of anything -- not even mail -- in ages. It's mostly there as a storage depot for my files. And I'm still forking over a fee every month for no real reason. Kinda silly.

So my first order of business will be to copy the postings from that page to this one. However, you are all welcome to comment on this page, which you couldn't do over there.

I have no great plans to announce this page until I have more material going, but feel free to pass the word around.

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