Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Puns and In-Jokes: Introduction

Many years back, I developed a concordance of in-jokes, bad puns and other references in FPG's Guardians CCG. And some time later, I posted it on usenet and later on my old webpage.

It isn't totally complete, obviously, because I wasn't on the team that put them there in the first place. However, I found a lot of them and I've been contaced by Dave Gentzler about a couple of them.

Most entries are based on the names of the cards and their abilities, but there are some visual references. One of these days when I have time to sit down and look at each individual card, I may be able to add more of these visual gags. Artists were given much latitude in their illustrations, so there probably are more that I missed.

Suggestions and additions are welcome.

I've divided them into four categories: one for the main set and one for each of the supplements:

* Limited/Revised Edition
* Dagger Isle
* Drifters Nexus
* Necropolis Park

Each of these will be handled in its own entry over the next four days.

Add any corrections or additions onto any of these threads and I'll update the entire list at a later date.

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