Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guardans Quiz #1

This was originally posted to Usenet a loooooooong time ago

Guardians Quiz

Without looking at your cards, answer the following ten questions:

1. Name at least four Vitality 15+ creatures that are channelable (1 pt. ea, max. 4)

2. Which one(s) of the creatures from one cannot be bribed? (1 pt. ea, max. 4)

3. Name at least two creatures with terrain bonuses in Spires. (1 pt. ea, max. 2)

4. Name the three evil twins. (1 pt. ea, max. 3)

5. Quick, which of the three babes on the Babes card (left, middle, right) is NOT wearing a hat?

6. How many steins are on the Beer bribery card?

7. How many Saurians are in the Dagger Isle expansion?

8. Is the cross in St. Ballantine's left or right hand?

9. Of the following three, which is the largest Angel -- Cherub, Seraphim or Trumpeter?

10. What is the total number of eyes depicted on the following cards: Baleful Eye, Devil Hedgehog, Gorgal Skag, Ice Spirit, Lorg Mole, Mist Veiler, Smoke Spirit, Arms of the Earth, Cyclops, Embryonic Witch and Vampire Hunters? (Be glad I didn't say "Ice Elemental".)

Answers will be posted sooner or later if readers don't do it first.

Homebrew Card

Apple Treefolk
Elemental, Vitality 4, OCB 0, Large, Spirit, CMP 0, green bar. 2-point ranged attack.

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