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Puns and In-Jokes: Dagger Isle

Guardians Puns and In-Jokes

Dagger Isle

Dagger Isle contains lots of creatures with specific names. I don't know the source of them, or even if there is a specific source other than the artist or the card designer that named them.

I'm mostly working on names again. I'm only referencing visuals that I recall of the top of my head. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to view the cards and update this list. Suggestions are welcome.


Champs the Wonder Dog

Champs, the Wonder Dog -- I believe that there was a movie dog called "Rex the Wonder Dog". Champs is the only Restricted card in Guardians. His image also appears on the Saboteur card.

Cuthbert the Resurrector -- St. Cuthbert (634-687) was known in his time for miracles, but resurrection was not one of them.


Druk -- Co-incidentally, Royal Bhutan Airlines is also known as Druk Air. Druk flies. Also, I've been told that "druk" is Dutch for "forceful persuasion", which is appropriate for a Devil.


Eagle-Eye McFinny -- Visual: McFinny shows up on all the Voodoo Hats.

Essence of Babeitude -- If nothing else, it's a classic name.


Giant Aunts -- As opposed to the "Giant Ants" of THEM fame. Giant Aunts will certainly wreck any house.

Groatie -- It sounds like "grody", which means disgusting or nauseating.

Grunwald the Usurper -- Grunwald is a small village in Poland, near Tannenberg, site of two important historical battles (1410, 1914).


Hal, a Toasis Dragon -- Halitosis is a medical condition, which refers to having fetid (really bad) breath. It the illustration, Hal has gassy, green breath.

Heisenburg's Missiles -- A reference to Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle. The illustration is reminiscent of Oliver Hardy (of Laurel & Hardy fame).


Old Gumper -- A "gump" is a fool, dolt, dunce, complete nitwit. This definition predates both the book and movie versions of Forest Gump.

Oppressed Slaves -- The fact that these guys are wearing suits and ties wasn't lost on me. I'm surprised that they weren't chained up inside cubicles.


Santa's Beer Sled -- I wonder if that's "Old Nick" brand beer. Or Ballantines?

Schneebolt -- Pun on "schneeble" and "bolt" (fast).

Seraphim -- Traditionally, it's the highest rank of angels, which would be far above "Archangel".

Slimwit Man -- 'Slim' Whitman is a singer. This is definitely one of the worst puns in the entire game.

Supermodeloid -- She puts the Super Model to shame, doesn't she?


The Black Eye -- I would have made a "Flying Dutchman" comment, except that the Dutchman didn't actually fly.


Valley Troll -- Visual: more of a "Valley Girl" Troll.

Vensuni Inferno Swarm -- Mt. Vesuvius comes to mind.


Warwick's Aura -- Warwick, aka Richard Neville, was a 15th century English military and political leader. He sided with the Yorks in the War of the Roses.

Work Crew -- Visual: if that guy isn't Oliver Hardy (of Laurel & Hardy fame), he's a near-relative.


Yap Attack -- Yap is "Pay" backwords. A play on "payback", perhaps? Yap is the currency of the MidRealms, according to The Guide to the Mid-Realms

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