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Guardians Deck: Look Ma, I'm Flying

Note: My deck has changed quite a bit since I posted this ten years ago

Look, Ma! I'm Flying

This is a snapshot of the contents of my flying deck. It's subject to change as my opponent's decks change or as I get bored and decide to try new cards. There's been a lot of that, which is why this is only a 'snapshot'.

Some of the stuff left in here doesn't make to much sense. I have all Dry Heaps, but only two creatures left with Heaps bonuses. I have some anti-ranged attack cards, and fairies with bonuses in Woods, but no Woods.

The deck started life as a starter with two or three booster decks added. I remember it had 2 Sloarches, a Desert Giant, and several other cards with nice Dry Heaps bonuses. Some cards were added to combat a mostly black Undead deck (the main adversary at the time), but not too many because I wanted a somewhat balanced deck. After getting to about 120 cards and losing consistantly to a constructed Undead deck, I started cutting it down and
centered it around the flyers.

The Deck

Guardian: Rak Nam


  • Desert Giant
  • Dead-eye McGrue
  • Gopher
  • Gumbo Jake
  • Great Black Ri'shar
  • Hook Toed Gnasher
  • Icky Bugs
  • Knife of Shadow
  • Merchant
  • Super Model


  • Angel of Righteousness
  • Demorgan the Inciter
  • Devil Dog
  • Djinn
  • Druk
  • Earth Elemental
  • Hackthorn Strangler
  • Kazarian Squawker x2
  • Koset of the Light
  • Mocodabi
  • Monolith of Chaos
  • Reverend Smilin' Jackoid
  • Sleeping Spirit
  • Smoke Spirit
  • Sun Spirit
  • Vapor Elemental x3
  • Vensuni Inferno Swarm (he plays it, so I have to)
  • Warrior Spirit


  • Bone Fright
  • Greenback Chak x3
  • Imhotep, Visier of Djoser
  • Iron Crag Boggler x2
  • Iron Crag Buggler
  • Lake Serpent
  • Schneebolt
  • Shadrune
  • Vesuvous Rex
  • White Unicorn


  • Footlocker of Conflagration
  • Head of Gudea


  • Dispel Magic x4
  • Pepe's Slow Down
  • Power Lunch
  • Shadow Strike
  • Summon Loghammer's Sapper
  • Vitales Dark Cloud


  • Babes x3
  • Beer x2
  • Gold x2


  • Jungle
  • Rocks at Rhuadan x2
  • Dry Heaps (many)
  • Std Bearer: Egyptian 11 (Gain 1 Power Stone/win in combat)
  • Std Bearer: Egyptian 25 (Spend 1 Power Stone/cancel AOE)
  • Shields (many)

Explanation of deck:

Currently, I will see one of four decks on a regular basis:

1. Undead - Centered around Chief Lector Priest of Sethos, Bruno Smashmouth and lots of low vitality Undead. But watch out for Eternal Witch Lord and Black Unicorns. All Spires (because of my deck). Mortals restricted to Bruno, Necromancers and Carrag the
. Guardian: Sikura

Key defenses: Kill Chief Lector Priest or dispel his ability. Bribe or Destroy Bruno so he isn't "in play".

2. Ranged attack deck - Centered around Handles O'Rourke (1 of him) and lots of Traithes, with Vikia Tso'Shan'Lu's thrown in for good measure. All Spires (because of this deck).
Guardian: Sikura

Key defenses: Stop the ranged attacks. Until recently, bribery wasn't an option: Traithes are unbribeable and I own 1 Shroud of Grahzue. However, my opponent has picked up a couple of Great Balderoons, so he has added some Pirates to the mix.

Bribe Pirates, destroy his Ranged Attack Platform, bribe Handles (note: Kazarian Squawker won't kill Handles and he can out ranged-attack me.)

Best defense: Bone Fright his Handles -- He loses ALL HIS STONES! (He gets half back, however, as he usually has a Limited Big Time Rebate in play when he expects to use Handles). Avoid Standard Bearers with +3 bonuses to ranged attacks! (Bonus only applies to either Attacking shield OR defending shield, not both.)

3. Spirit Deck - All spirits, all Spirit
. Very few bribable creatures. Guardian: Harkin or Sikura.

Key defenses: A few Spirits of my own. Hook Toed Gnasher and Greenback Chaks destroy his Sun Spirits and several others. Devils are immune to Sun Spirit. Bone Fright lures out Rain Spirits (no big deal).

Best defense: Al Jabah. Five Snow Daughters on Spirit Mountain are hard to beat. Al Jabah knocks them all out. Unfortunately, my one Al is in a different deck of mine (for pretty much the same reason that this one could use it.)

Another semi-decent defense: Ogres and Rock Giants. Both get bonuses in Mountains and have Off-Color bonuses to Spirits. Ogres are immune to channeling.

4. Tookle Deck - All small creatures, a few Female Titans, Voodoo Wizard. All Woods. Watch out for Grand Phooba Schnee, King of Mystfall and
1-point Fairies!

Key Defenses: Pull out most of anti-ranged-attack cards when I first see Tookle. Lead with as many AOEs as possible. Attack with Chaks and Merchant (many fairies and Female Titans are bribable by Gold). I doubt there are any Babe-bribeable creatures, other than the Grand Phooba Schnee.

Sidebar card: Idiot Fiend. This Tookle deck is lousy with Fairies. That's why he uses the Egyptian motif Std. Bearer: Spend 1 stone to dispel creature AOE. (He doesn't have any Goblins that I've noticed.) Put some in when I take out the Seraphims. Idiot
Fiends are useless against his other decks.

Other Notes:

  • Icky Bugs: he seems to have a lot of Gold-bribeable creatures in decks 1 and 4.
  • Demorgan the Inciter: a recent addition for a change of pace. It will probably leave very soon.
  • Devil Dog/Druk: Mostly to prevent Shield kills due to his Vensuni Inferno Swarm.
  • Earth Elemental: Slams Undead and Female Titan.
  • Koset of the Light: He channels a lot in decks 1, 3 and 4, and a little in deck 2 (Viki has to win to use her ability.)
  • Imhotep, Visier of Djoser: He used to play with Scarabs of Bounty. I have yet to steal one. This card usually winds up as land or gets sacrificed to some big creature.
  • White Unicorn: Beats Undead deck and Tookle deck (He has small Demons and Devils and
    Vestibules of Kabod.)
  • Head of Gudea: Remove it versus Tookle and

Other cards I've used in the past:

  • Slim Jab: Useful against Undead and Tookle decks.
  • Uras, Overlord of Mountains with Festus: Destroys his Undead.
  • Ice Spirits: really annoying to Undead decks, great in
    Spirit Mountain.
  • Theib, Master of Scribes: To steal that Vitales Dark
    from him. The problem is that when I try to play a command card, he switches his command card to Iron Crag Baggler.
    (That is, he doesn't decide which command card to use until I've announced
    whether I am playing one or not.)
  • Voodoo Hat Rack: removed when he played that Accessory Guardian.
  • Angels: they fly and take out devils.
  • Fangis the Hunter
  • Phil, the Bar Fly: there used to be a lot of Beer drinkers around here.
  • Gift of Isis:22-point Vapor Elementals for ONE stone!
  • Amulet of Flying/Ba Choomba: Sur-prise! I once attacked the
    Guardian with a flying, Power-Lunched Ba Choomba, keeping a Djinn handy in case he dispeled my Power Lunch (he did).

My next unexpected changes:

Note: Some of these might already have been tried by the time you read this.

  • Remove flyers of 7 or less. Add 5 Ice Storms.
    Murder against his Spirit deck. A slight annoyance to his Tookle and Undead decks.
    Useless against the ranged-attack deck. The drawback is that I have to concentrate or creatures with Vitality of 8-12 so they'll stack okay. Nothing worse than having three Vapor Elementals (where's Scamp Jones when you need him!)

  • Remove the remaining Beer drinkers. Add 5 Major Party
    . Takes out his King of Mystfall and a few other fairies, his Pirates, a couple of Spirits. Useless against Undead but it takes out Bruno Smashmouth!

So what do you think?

Homebrew Card

Angel of Justice:
Elemental, Vitality 9, OCB 3, Medium, Angel, CMP 0, green bar. When played as a secondary attacker, it destroys any creature that destroyed one of your creatures during this combat.

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