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Puns And In-Jokes: Limited/Revised

Guardians Puns and In-Jokes

Limited and Revised Edition



Angel -- Visual: spear is pointing down; however, he attacks creatures of the "underworld", so why not?


Baal-a-gog -- "Baal" is a false god, or another name for the devil. "Agog" means eager, filled with excitement.

Babe Hound -- "Babe hounds" are usually people, not dogs.

Bagpipes of Fear -- Yes, the very sound they make would strike feel in the staunchest of men.

Bealzebub -- Another name for the devil, even though he's a "Demon".

Black Lung -- Usually a condition developed by smokers and coal miners, not giant fish.

Brap Back Goblins -- Visually very similar to Brown Backs, but not a contiguous image.

Brown Backs -- Visually very similar to Brap Back Goblins, but not a contiguous image.

Bruce the Goose -- A goose in Scotch plaid with bagpipes? A reference to Robert the Bruce, perhaps?

Bungee Bony Ridged -- Visually similar to Snibs Bony Ridged, but not a contiguous image.


Captain Red Nose -- First, takeoff of Blackbeard, Bluebeard, etc. Second, Maitz does the Capt. Morgan Rum bottles and if you drink too much alcohol, you'll get a red nose.

Carreg Amroth Stronghold -- Carreg Cennen Castle in Wales was built by the Normans in 1300. Amroth is a village in West Wales (12th cent).

Cherubs -- Visual: baby angel. FYI: Cherubs actually rank 2nd (under Seraphs) in classic angel mythology, with Archangels ranking 8th and Angels ranking 9th. However, cherubs can also be depicted as lion-like with four heads (or four faces).

Control Destiny -- Visual: the three Fates

Cow -- Cows have bad gas problems.


Demon Horde of Kabod -- "Kabod" Hebrew for 'body, mass, substance'; "honour" to a man, "glory" to a heavenly being. (applied to demons??)

Devil Dog -- Drake's cake; usually these mythical animals are "Hell Hounds".

Devil Hedgehog -- Visual: "The Thinker"

Dreaded Doom Dog -- Cerberus, the three-headed dog from mythology.

Dry Heaps -- Sounds like "dry heaves".


Female Titan -- Visual: she's flirting with the Male Titan.

Floyd the Flying Pig -- "When pigs fly!", cf. Pink Floyd's "Animals" LP cover. Appparently, your army chows down on a revitalizing pork lunch.


Giant Penguin -- Fantasy-game staple or "Monty Python" reference?

Gn'bby Gnomes -- "Knobby" (rounded hill or mountain?)

Gn'legable Gnomes -- "Knowledgeable", i.e., learned.

Gn'Omish Gnomes -- "Amish", i.e., Pennsylvania Dutch

Grand Phooba Schnee -- The leader of the Elks or Moose lodge is the "grand pooba", so this is the head schnee. Yes, schnees are more than a class, they're an organization!

Gorgal Skag -- I can't find the exact slang reference, but the visual makes me wonder about the "fetid cracks" comment.

Grilbus -- Visual: a St. Bernard with a helm and massive fists (not paws).

Gringe Commander -- Guide to the Mid-Realms suggests that the artwork was inspired by Brom. Possible reference to "grunge" icon Kurt Cobain, who bore a slight resemblance.

Groupie -- A person that hangs around celebrites; usually they are mortals.


Haba Naba Daba -- Sounds like gibberish; visually very similar to Haba Naba Kaba, but not a contiguous image.

Haba Naba Kaba -- Sounds like gibberish; visually very similar to Haba Naba Daba, but not a contiguous image.

Heels of Speed -- How could anyone run in these?

Horse -- Visual: artwork similar to the usual depiction of a knight in a chess set.

Humungus Fungus -- "Humungous" is misspelled so that both words end in "ungus".


Idiot -- He certainly looks like one.

Iron Crag Bagglers -- When I see these guys, I think of "Time to make the donuts."


Khnumian Stronghold -- Khnum: a god in the form of a ram who created human beings from clay on a potter's wheel


Lawyer -- All lawyers go to Hell, don't they?


Major Party Animal -- Most "party animals" are actually people. He likes Beer, but he's drinking wine and toking on a bong.

Male Titan -- Visual: he's showing off for the Female Titan.

Merchant -- Visual: he's selling a velvet Elvis

Minataur -- Usually spelled "minotaur"


Na 'Boob -- I'm curious if there's a reason behind this one (and most of the Slags for that matter). Nabob, maybe?


Old Nick -- A name for the Devil as well as a British ale.


Paladin -- A knight driven by honor, chivalry and profound faith, making him incorruptible (and unbribable).

Party Animal -- Most "party animals" are actually people.

Pauly, Official Parrot -- I'm sure there's something, though I'm not sure what. "Polly, want a cracker?" perhaps?

Pesky Varmits -- Possibly a slang way of saying "varmint" (i.e., rodent, vermin)

Pink Flamingos -- Harmless, but durable, plastic ones are found on lawns everywhere.

Ploogak, the Conqueror -- Painted by Parkinson, not Ploog.

Ploogak, the Couqueror -- A misprinted name. There's a "u" where the "n" should be.

Power Lunch -- Usually something that Wall St. types do.


Reverend Smilin' Jack -- Guide to the Mid-Realms suggests that the artwork was inspired by Brom.

Rouge Specter -- "Rogue" is a dishonest person; "rouge" is red makeup. The misspelling was accidental. It was supposed to be "Rogue" even though it is wearing a red cape. I had correspondence with Dave Gentzler who told me that it was actually named by a playtester who had won a tournament. Unfortunately, the guy misspelled it, and no one caught it.


Schneeble -- "Schnee" is german for "snow", but I don't see any connection there, other than it sounded nice

Seer -- Visual: maybe this is unintentional, but the copyright information is inside the crystal ball, which has the effect of making it look like a Magic 8-Ball. Either that, or the seer is trying to find out the numbers for the lottery. (Either 950 or 056.)

Snibs Bony Ridged -- Visually similar to Bungee Bony Ridged, but not a contiguous image.

Snogwart -- Predates "Hogwarts" (of Harry Potter fame) by several years.

Sphinx -- The one in Egypt has the face of a man. This one is all lion.

St. Ballantine's Evocation -- I can't find much on the web about "Ballantine". He's not a saint, though there's a priest associated with *music*. Ballantine's is (or was?) a brand name of beer.

Super Model -- Visual: Man, what a visual. Every army should have one, don't you think? Cut-out fashions for the Super Model appear on the back of the Necropolis Park box. (They don't actually fit.)


Thackle -- "Tackle"? "Hackle"? "Spackle"? Maybe it's just a cool-sounding name for a Slag Beast, but I'm willing to bet that there is a reason for the name.

Trumpeter -- Gabriel blowing his horn?


Vampire Hunters -- Visual: the reflection of the bat in the mirror looks like the "bat symbol" on Batman's chest.

Varmit Archer -- Possibly a slang way of saying "varmint" (i.e., rodent, vermin)


Water Spout -- There are two dictionary definitions: a tornado over water that produces a column of air and water; or a drainage pipe. No mention of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Whispering Spirits -- Visual: looks like a buttrfly, but those "wings" are giant ears.


Yandrax -- I'm curious if there's something to this. Sounds like "anthrax", which is both a disease and the name of a rock band. (Pink Floyd is well-represented in this game.)

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