Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Silliness: Playing Without Starter Decks

This was originally posted on usenet ( when it was easier to find booster cards than starter decks, and, therefore harder to get new players into the game.

The Top Five Ways to Play Guardians
if You Can't Find Any Starters!

C. J. Burke

  1. Use the "All Swamps are Shields" rule and put your forces behind the banner of "Parkinson's Murk".

  2. Use Leftover Walls of Wood from Magic for your strongholds -- with a Wall of Stone in the center, providing 0/3, 0/8, 0/3 protection.

  3. New Guardian: El Rey de los Corazones -- The King of Hearts. And remember, they don't call him "The Suicide King" for nothing.

  4. Forget the rulebook -- just play Poker: "My four Slag Beasts beats your Mortal straight."

  5. Turn Phases/Combat Summary Card?? Oh, please! Go out and buy a *real* coaster.

Christopher J. Burke

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