Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dumb Card Combos

Dumb Combos

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These are the opposite of Trifectas.
These are things that only an Idiot would love.

Every now and then something stupid happens. Like the time you played the Rye Beaner as a command card before checking how many of your creatures would be affected. Then there are combinations of cards that are truly outrageous that only an Idiot could possibly try . . . .

  1. War and Crash: Take another turn then pass it. Interesting to note that in Guardians the opposite of War isn't Peace.

  2. Peace and Hands of Chronos: There might be a good reason to try this, but for three power stones, it better be a good reason.

  3. Head of Gudea on top of your opponent's Harkin: If you're this stupid, you deserve to be pounded.

Do you have a Dumb Combo of your own (or even just a Really Dumb Move that you might have made)?
Tell everyone about it here.


Jackalwere said...

The Black Eye + Ice Storm = a black eye for you.

Marshal + Kurgan = trade that +4 vitality for a whopping +2!

Monolith of Power + Koset = Prevent Koset from getting you Power Stones.

Karnis the Transcender + Summon Entropy Storm = automatically destroy your own creatures!

(x, why?) said...

Marshal and Kurgan isn't really a dumb combo. That's a matter of having choices. It doesn't hurt you, and it could be strategy.

If you play that Kurgan once or twice, your opponent will be ready for it the next time. Marshal has more Vitality and is less bribeable.

Black Eye and Ice Storm -- now that's Dumb.

Jackalwere said...

That just tells you how hard it is to make a really boneheaded move in this game. You might make a mistake, like forgetting about a channeler under your stronghold, but it's really hard to self-destruct.