Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Frickin' Cool, Part 2

I mentioned Events in yesterday's entry. Let me say once again how cool it was to open my email one day and see a link to the following image:

Granted, I misunderstood at first. I thought that Keith Parkinson actually had something to do with this. I really thought that some company was creating a new expansion for sale in Europe. (It had a revival over there. I'm jealous!)

No, it's only a fan collaboration to make a new fan-generated Seven Seas expansion set. Not only do they want my permission to use the Event cards (and some of my other .sig cards) but they wanted my opinion on the card design!

What was I going to say? It was a beautiful site to behold, and the fact that something of mine was going to be associated with Parkinson's artwork just put it over the top! I was an ecstatic fanboy!

It was a great moment.

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