Saturday, June 11, 2011

C.J. Burke's Guardians Page is Going Away

My original page, which I haven't updated in many, many years, will finally be coming down. Not because I've lost interest in the game -- although I can't find an opponent to play against locally.

No, the fact is that the domain name has been sold (again), and everyone is being evicted. A quick summary can be found here.

I've only kept that account for Guardians web page and some other files I had there. Those URLs are archived in more places than I could imagine, and they still get hits. I know, because even though I only check that email every couple months (a lot of spam gets through the filter, so it's bothersome), I still get email about the old stuff. (Guardians and Car Wars, mostly.)

If the name has to change, and I'm losing something I've had for most of two decades, then there's no reason to keep the account at all. I can move the pages elsewhere. It's just a matter of figuring out where.


Jackalwere said...

Well, that's a darn shame. I'm quite fond of the random sig card generator, which is how I got all my info for your sig card set...hours and hours of screen refreshes, looking for a new entry...

Although you've migrated quite a bit of stuff over to this blog, I'm concerned about the info in the Miscellaneous Posts section. There's a lot of good stuff that came off usenet there. I was thinking about copying it to a Google docs folder like I did with the deck library so that it is still available for reference. is a piece of Guardians history that is going away, like Kevin Cron's old site, and that's kind of sad. But at least we've still got your blog!

I'm going to miss that black screen with all the stars in the background...

Jackalwere said...

I've copied all the stuff in your misc. posts to a Google docs folder, which can be found here:

That includes your Table of Elements, which I formatted to match the original as close as possible. Let me know if that's ok. If you'd rather have that stuff here on your blog, I'll delete the Google Docs folder.

(x, why?) said...

Thanks for the work you've done. Sorry, I didn't see your comments sooner. End of June is crazy time at school and I wasn't thinking about this site so much.

Look at my new post. The site may (repeat, may) rise again.