Monday, January 17, 2011

New Card: River Delta

River Delta: Terrain, Up 6
Any non-Ship Standard Bearer that starts a turn on this Terrain may move into (but not through) an adjacent Seven Seas terrain.

Is it too limited? I wanted the start of turn rule so it wasn't abused.
And then I realized that even though I meant this for defense against a Seven Seas deck, it could be used as offense because Ships are Standard Bearers, so the player is limited to one at a time. That meant that this had to be for Standard Bearers as well.

And, of course, it's a River Delta, which fits in with the expansion symbol and serves as a bridge between the two homebrew sets.

Edit: Changed the word "Shield" to "Terrain", as it was meant to be.


Jackalwere said...

I think in the body of the text you meant to say "starts a turn on this Terrain" instead of "starts a turn on this Shield" - or am I just confused?

Also, I understand the defense strategy...if you are playing against a Seven Seas deck and you don't have a ship, you won't be surrounded by Terrain you can't enter. However, I'm a little obtuse on the offense strategy. Could you elaborate on that?

I think the card is a great link to the set symbol. Hopefully I can find some artwork that will make you say "Wow!"

(x, why?) said...

Yes, that's what I meant, and that's what I read when I proofread this entry.

Never blog when you're tired. sigh.

(x, why?) said...

I imagined it to be a defensive card. However, it occurred to me that if you can use any Shield, then if an attacker could use this card in addition to a Ship somewhere else. Because Ships are Standard Bearers and you can only have one, someone playing Seven Seas cards can't abuse it.

Jackalwere said...

Aha! I think I understand where you are coming from. If an opponent is playing a Seven Seas Deck, he most likely has ships for standard bearers, meaning he can't use this card at all. I like it!

(x, why?) said...

He could use it, but it wouldn't do much good unless you had other standard bearers.

Something that I didn't think of earlier: the requirement that you start a turn on it also prevents you from using your opponent's River Delta in the middle of a turn. (I'm not sure why you might want to, but you can't.)