Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ten Random Cards

Ten Random Cards

I was playing with the Random Card Generator at
And these are what popped up when I reloaded the page:

1. Paper Elemental:

Elemental, Vitality 12, OCB 3, Small, Gold, Element, CMP 0, red bar. -6 to Vitality against fire-based creatures.

2. Drought:

Up Number 25, Event For the rest of this turn, all Creatures with Dry Heaps bonuses are +3 Vitality, all Creatures with Rivers and Lakes bonuses are -3 Vitality (never reduced below zero).

3. Mr. Suitcase:

External, Vitality 12, OCB 0, Medium, Gold, Wanderer, CMP 0, red bar. When played as a primary attacker, you may search your draw deck for any one creature, Spell, Magic Item or Bribery card that can be played during this match-up. That card *must* be played during this match-up.

4. Great Forest Fire:

Up 11, Event(*) For the rest of this turn, all fire-based attacks are double their base Vitality against creatures with Woods bonuses. (*) - see mailing list archives for what an Event is.

5. FAQ U. -- (pictured a school of higher learning) Accesory:

Up 21 Anytime a rules argument cannot be settled through careful consultation with the rulebook, the FAQ or the ''Guide to the MidRealms'', spend a stone and win automatically. First stone spent wins.

6. St. Elmo's Fire:

Spell, 11 When played on your Pirate currently in a match-up, both the Pirate and its opponent are destroyed. (or maybe the name ''St. Elmo's Fire'' should go with something more ethereal like -- ''Play as a command card. All Pirates get double their Off-color Bonus against elementals until the end of the turn.'')

7. Eagles:

Mortal, Vitality 6/8, OCB 2, Large, Flying, Animal, CMP 0, red bar. +4 in Mountains, +3 when defending strongholds (these are cumulative and in addition to other stronghold bonuses).

8. Itsy Bitsy Spider:

Mortal, Vitality 3/1, OCB 0, Small, Bug, CMP 0, red bar. -3 Vitality in Rivers and Lakes, unless its primary matchup opponent has a fire-based attack.

9. Dwarven Hammer Thrower:

Mortal, Vitality 4/6, OCB 1, Small, Beer, Dwarf, CMP 0, red bar. 4-point ranged attack. Immune to Giants.

10. Deasil Engine:

Hand Magic Item, Up 6 Play at the end of any turn. If your opponent gained more than two stones in this turn from any source or sources, you get half of them (rounded down).

I don't know whether to be annoyed or elated that I didn't get too many that haven't already been posted as part of The Seven Seas or the untitled .sigcard expansions.

FYI: that last card isn't misspelled. It's pretty much stolen from Illuminati: New World Order.

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